Refund Policy :


The Payer has the right to request a refund within seven days of their payment with reasons for requesting that refund upon return of the purchased item(s).
Requests for refund within seven days of payment for a scheduled lesson may be made if the learner fails to attend a scheduled class and the tutor has been provided with acknowledged notice of intended absence at least 24 hours before the appointed time.  Occasionally, it will not have been possible for good reason(s) to meet this requirement and in such a case, the company will, as described in paragraph “c” below, decide whether or not to offer a deferred lesson.  Faulty, damaged or otherwise compromised items supplied to a customer shall ordinarily be replaced but application for a refund (less small admin charge) shall be available in most circumstances.
b) To qualify for a refund, the Payer must complete and return the Return Request Form within a reasonable time frame, but not ordinarily exceeding one calendar month after the purchase of good(s) or the pre-payment for a tuition session or programme.
c) In the event of a pupil missing a lesson for any reason, there is no guarantee that the lesson will be repeated. However, the resources used in that lesson will ordinarily be made available to the student on request usually by way of a rearranged lesson at mutual convenience and provided that due notice of non-attendance has been received as in (a) above.  Xpress Train Ltd. reserves the right to charge all or part of the lesson fee where inadequate, no notice or late notice has been given and at the tutor’s sole discretion and after due regard has been given to extenuating and/or unavoidable circumstances, sudden illness or unexpected problems regarding travel to the lesson venue.  Where costs additional to tuition time have been incurred – such as tutor’s travel costs, the hire of premises and/or provision of special equipment or additional preparations required for that session - these shall also be included in the fee charged for the missed session.  This charge will either be in the form of a request from Xpress Train Ltd. where the customer usually pays at or after a session or by the rejection in writing of a submitted claim made by Return Request from a pre-paying customer.  For the purposes of this clause, the terms “lesson”, “session” and “programme” which are delivered remotely by means of the Internet will apply as for personal interactions.
d) If Xpress Train Ltd. fails to provide a lesson due to teacher absence, every effort will be made to provide a substitute lesson at another agreed time within a reasonable period of time and at a mutually convenient day/time as negotiated within the academic year, with regard to the circumstances.  This policy will also apply to programmes delivered via the Internet rather than in person.
e) In the event of closure of the centre due to severe weather conditions, or an emergency situation, the Centre will try to arrange a substitute lesson. Tuition fees will only be refunded if no substitute lesson is able to be arranged for a mutually accessible occasion.
(f) In the very unlikely circumstance of a dispute that is not resolved by negotiated agreement or mediation, the laws pertaining to the sales of goods and services in the UK will be respected and any legal actions shall be those of the laws and jurisdiction of UK courts in England.

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